About Us

Sunnyvale E-waste works for e-waste management and thus contributes to keeping our environment e-waste free. We ensure the eco-friendly demise of your e-waste once we get hold of your products. By doing the work of e-waste management with dedication, we have managed to earn respect in this sector and trust of thousands of people. You can give us various products like TVs, fridges, mobile phones, air conditioners, microwave ovens, computers, laptops, printers for recycling.

To manage outmoded electronic devices has become a headache in modern life. The reason is that electronic products are getting outdated regularly. For one reason or another, we cannot or do not want to use the old products anymore. No one is going to blame you for that, but we must not forget our responsibility towards the environment that we are polluting by creating a large amount of e-waste every day.

Sunnyvale E-waste is here to solve all your worries related to e-waste and environment. We have a dedicated group of employees who work to keep the environment green for future generation. At the same time, they will ensure best recycling procedure for your products. They will get the products from your place and confirm a safe recycling process for the products. Switch to Sunnyvale E-waste for an environment-friendly solution of e-wastes. We will take care of your e-waste with care and safety.

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